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ouvar® Marketing Catalogue

de-couple from your 3PL ordering platform with your own online catalogue

all your retail marketing assets on one, easy-to-use ordering platform

Do you use a 3PL storage provider’s online ordering platform?

If so, it must be difficult to see, and impossible to order items which are stored elsewhere.

Free up your storage supplier base with your ouvar® marketing catalogue – your company’s own online ordering interface where your field teams can browse all items by brand, type or storage location and place an order for delivery direct to retail or local shed.

With ouvar® marketing catalogue you can:

pre-order tool
pre-order coming soon

With ouvar® PRE-ORDER, your Reps can express interest in, and pre-order an item for a retailer. From here, your Brand team have a more accurate order quantity, eliminating waste and reducing storage costs.

looking for an easy-to-use catalogue?

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