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view inventory across all storage locations

Many FMCG companies store their POS material across several storage locations
such as large 3PL warehouses, factories, local company-owned sheds and even
rep’s cars. This makes it difficult to know where your POS is and how much of your
POS is actually reaching its desired destination.

ouvar® consolidates your POS on one platform so you can view total
inventory, including location and value, wherever it is

  • View a complete inventory including location and asset value
  • View pallet counts per storage location
  • Easily reconcile storage provider invoices by cross checking pallet count
  • ouvar® MY SHED tool allows rep’s to receive and store items
  • ouvar® DUMP tool ensures stock on hand is relevant and storage costs lean


view and order your POS from one,
beautiful place

Your very own POS catalogue allows you to order POS from any storage location for
delivery direct to retail. Shop by warehouse, brand or POS item for easy online
ordering anywhere, anytime.

ouvar® CATALOGUE is available on desktop or via mobile APP
for on-the-run convenience

  • View your complete range of POS
  • Select a storage location
  • Search by brand or POS Item
  • View live stock on hand
  • View assembly instructions
  • View POS specifications

POS asset

follow your POS movement step by step

ouvar® tracks each POS item from rep order to activation at the retailer. Each catalogue
order is tagged with a status throughout its journey. An order is complete
when the POS item is 'Activated'. An Activation is when the POS item is setup
correctly and used as intended - on display in retail.

ouvar®'s unique ability to track your POS asset will:

  • Minimise leakage
  • Ensure your POS reaches the Retailer
  • Maximise your POS performance at retail
  • Improve your POS forecasting, plus
  • Report on POS uptake by Retailer, and
  • View your team's Activation performance

build team

improve your team’s performance
with accountability

ouvar® captures key performance data of team members resulting in a collective
improvement of your POS’ performance at retail

  • sales reps

    Reps are accountable for ‘Activating’ each POS item ordered resulting in
    better brand performance in retail and less POS leakage

  • sales managers

    View and compare Rep Activation performance

  • brand managers

    View report on POS uptake and refine future supplier orders resulting in a
    refined POS spend and less idle POS in storage

  • procurement

    View cost of total live stock on hand and source cheaper storage options for incoming supplier orders

reduce POS
storage costs

ouvar® will reduce your POS storage costs by:

  • removing leakage

    Some FMCG companies are experiencing POS Leakage; this is when POS items are
    ordered from the warehouse and don’t make it to the retailer. ouvar® removes POS
    leakage with the POS Tracking Tool. With no POS leakage, your Brand Managers will
    either reduce future manufacturing order quantities and therefore reduce storage costs, or increase brand activation at retail win - win.

  • better forecasting

    With ouvar® your team have access to historical order and activation data.
    You’ll see which retailers activate and which don’t. Next time your Brand Manager
    purchases POS items from a supplier, they can refine their manufacture order
    quantity and avoid wastage, which means less storage costs.

  • power to negotiate

    If your company uses an external Storage Provider, your Reps are probably
    ordering their POS using your Storage Provider’s online ordering facility. This
    makes it difficult for your company to use another, cheaper storage provider, as it
    would be inconvenient for your Reps to be using multiple online ordering facilities.

    ouvar®'s catalogue is your own online POS ordering facility. Now your reps order from
    your own platform and you have the freedom to store your POS with anyone,
    anywhere. For your next POS shipment, source best price from the wider market
    and negotiate! You are no longer locked into one Storage Provider.

  • Pre-Ordering Tool

    With ouvar® PRE-ORDER, your Reps can express interest in, and pre-order a POS
    item for a retailer. From here, your Brand team have a more accurate order
    quantity, reducing wastage and therefore reducing future storage costs.

retailer POS

ever wondered how much POS spend
you have allocated to each retailer?

ouvar®’s unique Retailer Profile page captures essential
retailer information such as:

  • List of POS Assets received
  • Receipt date and value of each asset
  • Image of each asset in situ
  • Contact details
  • Contractual document upload
  • Determine your return on investment by retailer


ouvar® gives you the tools to improve your
POS forecasting and sharpen quantities for your future
manufacturing orders

  • POS activation data

    ouvar® keeps a history of your activation success. See how many POS items were
    activated for a particular item or campaign. With this information, you can see
    which retailers are actively participating in your campaigns. Now you can
    accurately forecast quantities for future manufacturing runs.

  • low stock alarms

    See Low Stock Alarms on ouvar® DASHBOARD and be reminded to place your
    manufacture re-order. Never run out of stock again!

  • Pre–Ordering Tool - coming soon

    The ouvar® PRE-ORDER Tool enables your field team to express interest in,
    and pre-order POS. From here, your Brand team have a more accurate order
    quantity for manufacture.

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